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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ryan Braun: No longer a hero

(This post was post was written by Roberto Ruiz-Maki,,

I would like to start off the blog post by saying that I am deeply saddened by the newest news that Ryan Braun has tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

Braun, who was announced as the National League Most Valuable Player just the other day, is the biggest player to ever be caught using PED's.

While players such as Manny Ramirez and Rafael Palmeiro were caught using PED's, they were both at the end of their careers and on their way out of the league. Braun is in his late 20's, in the prime of his career, and is the face of the National League now that Alberto Pujols has moved to Los Angeles.

As a player, Braun was Milwaukee's guy. Braun was the guy who signed a long team friendly contract so that he could stay in Milwaukee until the end of his career. Braun was the guy who owns a restaurant in Milwaukee's third ward.

I would like to talk more about the implications of the positive test, but Braun is appealing the results (and this is definitely my biased opinion and me wanting to believe him, but I actually want to believe that the test was a false positive) and I want to wait until he has a chance to defend himself to the public.


  1. They need to ship him down to
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