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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Milwaukee Bucks

Roberto Ruiz-Maki

Once again, there will be no players representing the Milwaukee Bucks during the NBA all star game. I cannot say that I am surprised, the Bucks are an underachieving team with no stars (unless you count Brandon Jennings, who has been injured for the majority of the season).
Andrew Bogut, the Bucks' only player with a decent shot at being chosen, was left out, again. Bogut has been one of the most consistent centers in the eastern conference, leading the league in blocks per game while averaging a double-double (double digit numbers in two statistical categories). Bogut might as well be invisible though. He does not average enough points (just under 14) to impress anyone, not even remotely; nor does he make flashy plays that would net him spots on ESPN's Sportscenter. While fans in Milwaukee know Bogut as the driving force behind this Bucks team, other fans barely notice him.
Other than Bogut, there were really no other players with realistic shots at being all stars. Jennings might be in the conversation next year (mainly because of his flashy, “me first” game), but as long as he is averaging less than 40% on field goals, he will not be strongly considered for any all star team.
On another note, the Bucks team has had a very sorry season up to this date. Did anyone honestly think differently though? We fans may have convinced ourselves that after our showing against Atlanta in the playoffs we had a decent shot at being good this year. We knew all along, though, that this team did not have what it takes to win 50 games. Maggette has never been anything more than a cancer, Salmons had a good run, but he will always be a role-player, Chris Douglas-Roberts still thinks he is playing at Memphis, and the Brockness monster really is just Jon Brockman.
The Milwaukee Bucks will not be contending team for a long time. Dewayne Wade and Lebron James will be ruling the east for years to come, and the Bucks will be overpaying free agents and playing in the worst arena in the NBA just like they always have been. Do yourselves a favor Bucks fans, don't get your hopes up, the second half of the season will not bring us any more joy than the first half.

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