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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Response to Brett Favre's prediction

Roberto Ruiz-Maki

“I think they will win it all! I hope they do…. The receiving corps is the best ever, maybe, but Dom and the defense get the MVP award at this stage.”
Brett Favre told ESPN's Ed Werder this through email, and I am angry. This seems to me like Favre is saying that if the Packers don't win, the loss should be attributed to Aaron Rodgers (even though he says that Aaron is the best qb). What Favre said was an underhanded shot at Aaron Rodgers. There is no way for Rodgers to win now, because if he does win the Super Bowl, it is because he has possibly the best receivers ever, and his defense was incredible. If he loses though, he had all of the intangibles necessary to win, but he blew it (kind of like Favre in the 1997 Super Bowl). I find it very unsportsmanlike for Favre to do something like this, and it just tells me that he is still bitter over the break-up with the Packers. Look, Favre, the Packers went in a different direction, get over it.
I could be seeing this all wrong, the email could be 100% genuine and I would be getting mad over nothing, but what has Favre done since being let go that says that he wants the best for the Packers? He has openly stated that he wanted to get revenge on them, and show them that they made a mistake by locking him out. He wants Green Bay to want him back, to apologize for going with Rodgers when he still wanted to play. Am I really supposed to believe that he now wants Rodgers to succeed? I doubt it, and I hope every Packers fan is seeing through his veil.

On a separate note, I hope that Favre signs a one day contract with the Packers so that he can retire in the Green and Gold. It would be a shame if he decided to retire as a Viking just to take one last shot at Green Bay, though I see that as the likely scenario. Favre should retire as a Packer because we all cheered him every time he ran out of the home tunnel (and some diehards even cheered when he ran through the visitors).

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